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What do I do after a ‘hit and run’?

No one expects to be involved in either a hit and run accident or a pedestrian accident, but if it does happen to you – try your best to get the driver’s license plate number and enlist the help of witnesses to get the license plate or vehicle information.

If the driver has remained at the scene and is cooperative, then the process will be much easier. If not, you will need the help of onlookers and witnesses. If you were severely injured and unable to get this information, CCTV and security cameras located at most intersections and buildings may have recorded your accident and can provide details. It is also important to contact police within 24 hours of the event.

While these steps can help get things underway, your best steps is contacting one of our personal injury attorneys to help you get these critical tasks completed. Not only will assess your case, we can provide the support you need throughout this difficult time. Once you call our team of personal injury lawyers, they can help put your mind at ease so your focus is on your mental and physical recovery rather than on the fear, anxiety and injury resulting from your accident.