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$1.0 Million Motorcycle Accident

Young Dad Wins $1,000,000 Settlement in Motorcycle Accident Case

Excited about his recent purchase of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, our client affixed a Go-Pro to its handlebars so he could share video of his rides with friends. However, his maiden ride cut those future plans short. While riding through the local roads that clear sunny day, he passed several vehicles on the right as they turned left onto southbound Highway 99 near Tulare. As he did so, he was unexpectedly cut off by a semi-tractor and trailer who was turning left onto his lane.

Unable to reduce his speed in time to avoid a collision, our client instead leaned into his motorcycle to bring it flat against the road. This effort to slow and minimize the impact of his motorcycle to the truck ended with him slamming hard into the trailer’s tire. Upon impact with the vehicle, he was ejected from the seat of his Harley and thrown onto the nearby road.

His injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, an active brain bleed, a shattered jaw and face, fractures to his skull, neck, shoulder, hand and wrist, hearing and vision loss, and facial paralysis, are now part of this young father’s life forever. For two weeks, he remained in critical care to help recover from his physical injuries. Suffering daily from PTSD and permanently disabled, he will never be the same man, father or husband he was before.

Despite witnesses and the police accident report placing 100% fault with our client, our attorney aggressively argued against the fault and liability laid at our client’s doorstep. She immediately pulled from the firm’s deep legal resources to obtain the best medical and reconstruction experts. Their statements and her aggressive questioning of the police report and the witness accounts that had faulted him for the accident were so convincing and persuasive, it raised substantial concern and uncertainty about liability among the defendants. Within two weeks of presenting our arguments, detailed expert statements and accident reconstruction, the insurance company opted to pay the $1 million policy limit rather than risk losing greater value or assets for the trucking company.

Though the Go-Pro is now off his motorcycle, our client has a different view for what’s ahead. With his settlement, he currently has his sights on purchasing a first home for his young family.