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City of Lancaster Awards Dunnion Law Certificates of Recognition

The City of Lancaster awarded Dunnion Law certificates of recognition to Denis Delja, Esq. and Connell Dunnion, Esq. for outstanding trial advocacy in the plaintiff case, Jose Maclovio vs. Craig Alan Brewer.

Presented by Mayor R. Rex Parris, Delja and Dunnion were recognized for the legal work that won a record-breaking verdict of $21.5 million for Madera resident, Jose Maclovio.

“For us, the core of this case is Jose, a wonderful young man who lost incalculable freedoms that he will never get back,” said Connell Dunnion, Esq. and CEO at Dunnion Law. “In closing arguments, Denis was particularly masterful in bringing to life Jose’s story in a compelling and moving way. We couldn’t be more proud to know Jose was heard and understood that day.”

The strategy resulted in a $21.5 million verdict that set the record in Madera County for a single-plaintiff order. The City of Lancaster recognized both Delja and Dunnion as outstanding litigators for the noteworthy and equitable remedy secured on behalf of their client, Maclovio.

Delja, who earned his Juris Doctor from Yale Law School, is a senior attorney at Dunnion Law where he has practiced personal injury law for more than a decade. Delja previously represented corporate giants, such as Monsanto, Visa, and Hoffman-La Roche, before making the decision to work on behalf of clients injured by others’ negligence.