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Connell Dunnion

Managing Partneres

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"When I was 13 years old, I was attacked in the face by a pitbull. Mr.Dunnion handled my case and got me and my family the compensation we deserved. I thank him and am grateful to have met such a wonderful guy." - KL
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As a second-generation personal injury lawyer, I grew up with an understanding of the uphill battle faced by injured Californians. Still, I had much to learn about the difference we could make in an individual’s life.

It didn’t take long. One of my first clients was a sweet 80-year-old woman who had been in a terrible wreck and suffered multiple fractures. The insurance company, taking advantage of her trust, attempted to egregiously underpay her. Overwhelmed with anxiety, she contacted me, and I increased her offer by almost 20x.

That result changed so much for both of us. For her, it gave her the power to afford a safe replacement vehicle, to change her living space to accommodate her new limitations, and to obtain additional in-home care. For me, it cemented my desire to serve individuals and families who find themselves at the mercy of an insurance company’s business practices. I have been proudly doing so ever since.

Outside of work you’ll likely find me jumping on a trampoline or singing along to the latest Disney hit with my wife and three young kids. If not that, I’m probably training for a triathlon, where I enjoy pushing the limits of my endurance.