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Connell Dunnion

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"When I was 13 years old, I was attacked in the face by a pitbull. Mr.Dunnion handled my case and got me and my family the compensation we deserved. I thank him and am grateful to have met such a wonderful guy." - KL
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As a second-generation personal injury lawyer, I grew up with an understanding of the tilted playing field faced by injured Californians. Even before I became an attorney, as I worked in positions such as receptionist and secretary at Dunnion Law, I saw firsthand how corporations, especially insurance companies, shirked responsibility for the damage they caused.

Dealing with the aftermath of an injury is a stressful, disruptive burden. I enjoy shouldering that load for clients so they can focus on getting better. Even more, I take pride in exploring and quantifying the true depth of disruption to a victim’s life that an incident can cause, and holding the responsible party accountable for it.

When not working, I can almost certainly be found enjoying time with my wife and kids, or participating in an outdoor activity.