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Dunnion Law Helps Eliminate 1.8 Million Dollars of California Medical Debt

Monterey, CA – Dunnion Law is helping eliminate over $1.8 million in medical debt for more than 1800 individuals and families in California. Dunnion Law worked with RIP Medical Debt, a New York-based charity, to raise funds that will be used to erase medical debt and provide financial assistance to Californians in need. 

“Many California families were thrown into crisis last year because of the pandemic. Fundamentally our job is to get people back on their feet again after tragedy,” said Connell Dunnion, Esq. and Managing Partner at Dunnion Law. “We saw relieving medical debt as a powerful way to reach beyond our clients to help those in our communities through tough times.” 

With that purpose in mind, Dunnion Law initiated a fundraising campaign with RIP Medical Debt and double-matched community-raised funds that generated donations of nearly $10,000. As of February 2021, RIP Medical Debt began sending letters out to qualified families and individuals notifying them of the benefits they received from the Dunnion Law campaign. 

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation and New York Times report, 6 of every 10 uninsured and insured people say they have difficulty paying their other bills as a result of medical debt. So much so, that more than a third were unable to pay for food, heat or housing because of their medical debt. A Gallup and West Health survey also found that Americans had borrowed more than $88 billion in 2019 to pay for healthcare, and the American Journal of Medicine recently reported that medical debt contributed to nearly 66% of all bankruptcies nationwide. 

For many Californians, these kinds of outcomes will be averted with the arrival of a yellow envelope from RIP Medical Debt notifying them that Dunnion Law’s campaign has eliminated their debt. The Dunnion Law campaign is expected to benefit more than 1,800 qualified recipients across the state, 

including residents of Fresno, Monterey, Kern and Sacramento counties, and other surrounding communities. 

One recipient, whose medical debt was recently erased, praised the efforts of these campaigns stating: “I was going through the worst year of my life when this letter showed up. I found a little hope through the darkness. This act of kindness has given me strength and raised me up. Thank you, I cannot express my gratitude. God Bless. – A.S.” 

Dunnion Law, a personal injury firm based in California, has helped thousands of individuals fight insurance companies to obtain the compensation they deserve. For more than 45 years, their fearless and experienced attorneys have provided the aggressive legal representation so insurance companies and individuals are held accountable for the harm caused to their clients. For more information about Dunnion Law and their team, please call (831) 373-8035 or, visit their website at www.dunnion.com

RIP Medical Debt is a nonprofit organization that allows generous donors and organizations to erase the debt of Americans whose lives have been destroyed by unjust medical debt. Founded in 2014 by two former collections industry executives, Craig Antico and Jerry Ashton, RIP has been recognized nationally for facilitating the erasure of millions of dollars in medical debt. To learn more, and get involved, visit www.ripmedicaldebt.org