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Fearlessly leading Californians through the legal wilderness.

For nearly 50 years, Dunnion Law and our team of personal injury lawyers have focused exclusively on representing those injured by the negligence of another. Our California accident injury attorneys bring more than 300 combined years of legal experience to your case. Our mission is to get your life back on track - whether it's a car wreck, a truck accident or a dog bite, we're here to help.

With us at your side, we'll guide you along the path of physical, emotional, and financial recovery. Our success speaks for itself: we've helped thousands of Californians get back on their feet again, and recovered more than $800 million for our personal injury clients. Dunnion Law is proud to serve Monterey, Fresno, San Jose and virtually every county in California.

We can't change the accident, but together we can change your future.

Given my difficult schedule, (Dunnion Law) was able to accommodate me even on a Sunday...I am really sick of these insurance companies taking advantage of us. Why in the world am I paying for insurance if they can't even help me when I need it.

The Dunnion Law Difference

What sets us apart from other personal injury lawyers is simple – we have highly experienced attorneys that understand the inner workings of insurance companies, and we make the process of financial and physical recovery as easy for you as possible.

For nearly 50 years, our team of personal injury attorneys and legal staff has aggressively advocated for clients, and maintained an extraordinary standard of integrity. Within the industry, we have earned respect and esteem as a legal force to be reckoned with. We know the processes and tactics that insurance companies use to trivialize your injuries and losses from your car wreck, truck accident or other incident. We use this knowledge not only to protect you, but also to proactively strengthen your case.

From the moment you contact us, we take the initiative to build the foundation for your successful recovery. In your first phone call, you will speak to a personal injury attorney about the legal details of your case. We also are ready to meet you at your home, at the hospital, or in another place convenient for you, eliminating the need to coordinate transportation for yourself and others. In addition, we are paid on a contingency fee basis, meaning you have no out-of-pocket costs. We earn our fee only when we win your case.

Once we take on your case, our accident injury attorneys and highly trained staff continue to simplify the process by helping you manage and secure the medical care and treatment you need to recuperate from your injuries. It is our experience and reputation in personal injury law, coupled with our exceptional service that continues to set Dunnion Law above and beyond the rest.

Our Results

Dunnion Law - Guiding Philosophy

In 1975, Tom Dunnion founded Dunnion Law, then based in San Diego, California. He established the firm guided by the philosophy that injured Californians should have the same level of exceptional legal representation that insurance companies hire to protect their corporate and financial interests.

By focusing his practice specifically on personal injury law, Tom set out to make a difference for individuals injured in auto, big rig, pedestrian, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents. Gradually he was able to build a team of like-minded personal injury lawyers who share his commitment and passion to champion the value of clients, and liberate them of the legal burdens that frustrate their ability to live fully.

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Our Personal Injury Team Is Here to Help

Our team of attorneys has more than 300 years of cumulative experience that includes:

• litigating cases at the federal and state levels,
• prosecuting nationally-prominent cases, including the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007,
• setting record-breaking national results,
• establishing case law impacting the insurance industry, and
• initiating change to the procedures and practices of national corporations and public utilities.

With the variety of career paths they traveled, all our attorneys are seasoned, outspoken and relentless advocates for you - our personal injury client. Their compassion for you, and their knowledge of the hardships you face, enable them to build and present the strongest case possible for you, helping you get your life back on track.

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