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$515,000 Truck Accident

Elderly Client in Rollover Truck Accident Gets $515,000 Settlement

Despite his 81 years, our client independently cared for his home and 5-acre property. Each week, he regularly mowed, pruned trees, and tilled the fields at his home, then took time on other days of the week to maintain and care for the respective yards of his son and daughter.

These activities were put to an end when a driver ran a stop sign and crashed into our client while he was driving from the dump to return the truck he borrowed from his friend. The truck rolled over on impact and an ambulance took him directly to the nearest care facility. Upon discovering the severity of his injuries, he was airlifted to another facility for necessary surgeries to his leg, shoulder and spleen, as well as addressing his other injuries, including fractures and lacerations to his body.

The family immediately contacted Dunnion Law, who discovered the at-fault driver had no valid insurance coverage to help our client recover costs and loss for his injuries. Our case manager immediately went to work to ensure his client obtained the medical care and the assistive devices he needed.

Within days of Dunnion Law opening the case, our case manager demanded the full policy limits on behalf of his client, and set aggressive timelines to ensure no delays would occur with the insurance company. Within a week of Dunnion Law’s demand, the insurance company agreed to pay the full policy limit of $500,000.

However, Dunnion Law was not yet fully satisfied with the result for its client and continued its negotiations to have our client’s medical costs reduced. Within weeks, the more than $151,000 bill was reduced $56,000. Dissatisfied with these reductions, Dunnion Law pushed further eventually reducing the client’s medical costs to about $70,000, putting an additional $81,000 into the client’s settlement. In addition, our case manager argued that the $15,000 MedPay Coverage Payments should not require repayment due to the extent of the client’s injuries. By hiring Dunnion Law, the client obtained a total settlement amount of $515,000, exceeding the full policy limit.

With our attorney’s aggressive and quick actions, our client received the much needed care to help him return to his activities as much as possible. He continues to live independently but now his son and daughter are helping him with his daily care as he continues to recover.

Travis Alexander