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There are approximately two million people in America today living life as an amputee. Accidental amputation can result from a number of personal injury accidents including premises liability, product defect, car crash, or dog bite, and can have a devastating impact on the injured. The medical needs of an individual with a partial or complete amputation are very high. The surgery required to attempt to reattach a limb or to repair the injury so it can heal is expensive and extensive rehabilitation therapy may be needed for years to come.

If reattachment was not possible, an expensive prosthetic appliance could be necessary. Not only is the initial fitting and procurement of the prosthesis costly, but the appliance itself will need to be replaced periodically throughout a lifetime. Some individuals who are forced to suffer from an amputation may not be able to return their line of work, resulting in a large financial burden.

We understand the burden you’re carrying. Let our injury lawyers help. 

At Dunnion Law, our experienced amputation injury lawyers are extremely familiar with all of the expenses and risk factors associated with an accidental amputation. We thoroughly investigate in order to identify any and all negligent entities that contributed to your injury and hold them financially accountable for the damages caused.

Our dedicated and caring legal team also understands the lasting physical, mental, and emotional toll that an amputation injury can have on the victim and on those who are close to them. With compassion and experience, we provide expert legal guidance and hard-fought advocacy to protect your rights.

When you hire Dunnion Law to represent your accidental amputation case, you get:

  • Combined experience spanning more than 300 years with a wide range of cases
  • Members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, having accumulated over $400,000,000 in recoveries
  • Extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies
  • An impressive track record of success since our inception in 1975

Workplace amputation injuries can be life changing. We can help.

In the case of a work injury involving a machine that caused an amputation, our comprehensive investigation may produce evidence that the machine lacked sufficient safeguards making this a product defect accident. Under these circumstances, the manufacturer could be held liable for the accident and have to compensate the injured person for all current and future medical costs as well as for any prosthetic, mechanical, or other aids that the client might need.

We take a thorough approach to understanding the circumstances of your accident to determine if you may be owed compensation and if so, we fearlessly and deliberately pursue what you are owed and deserve.

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