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Burn Injury

Each year, approximately 75,000 people are hospitalized for burn injuries. This can be one of the most terrifying experiences as well as the most painful and disfiguring. Severe burns are life-changing in cases where the individual survives. When a burn injury is caused by the reckless negligence of someone else, it is even more traumatic when you consider that it so easily could have been avoided. Burn injuries can be caused by foul play involving heat, electrical, chemicals, radiation, and friction.

Two decades ago, an individual with a burn injury over 50% of the body's surface was not expected to survive. Today, burn victims with far more extensive damage routinely recover through the specialized treatment available in burn centers. Depending on the depth of the burn, deep tissues and muscles may be affected. The first priority is to treat the burn and fight for the continued life of the victim. When the patient has stabilized, reconstructive surgeries or a course of skin grafts which may be necessary can begin. 

Dunnion Law will fearlessly represent you in the tough times.

Our personal injury attorneys are highly experienced in assisting individuals who have been harmed through the misconduct of others gain compensation for damages. Our legal team is dedicated to helping a burn injury victim gain access to the best possible medical care and a more complete recovery.

In some cases, treatment and rehabilitative therapy can go on for years. The financial burden of the medical care alone can be an immense weight on both the injured and their loved ones. We consult with medical specialists on your behalf to gain realistic projections of the care that may be needed in the future. Our thorough and strategic approach ensures that your claim for damages is comprehensive enough to help you improve the quality of your life as much as possible.

In representing a client who is recovering from burn injuries, we focus on how best to provide for your future well-being. In some cases, a burn survivor may be impaired and unable to return to his or her prior profession. The emotional impact of not only the initial injury, but also the subsequent treatment and rehabilitation can be significant and may curtail a person's ability to return to a normal life. Our experienced and compassionate personal injury lawyers consider these and many other crucial factors when advocating for a burn injury survivor. 

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