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Insurance – Bad Faith

Insurance companies are happy to sell you health and accident insurance policies and accept your premiums until you need to use the policy. For example, when you need an expensive medical procedure, they often start looking for ways to avoid paying your claim to boost their profit margins. This dishonest tactic is considered to be an insurance dispute and bad faith – against which legal action can be taken for damages in court.

Even though you can clearly demonstrate that you have coverage, insurance companies may attempt the following bad faith tactics:

  • Multiple examinations:They ask you to appear before their attorney more than once to answer the same questions and provide the same or similar documents. This is a common stall tactic.
  • Refusal to pay undisputed portions of claim: They refuse to pay the undisputed portion of your claim to pressure you into accepting a reduced amount for the disputed portion.
  • Slow investigation: They fail to promptly and thoroughly investigate your claim or show bias in the investigation to only look for negative evidence.
  • Use of biased experts:They use biased rather than independent experts to evaluate your claim.
  • Extorting waivers of rights: They ask you to waive rights or agree to restrictions not in your insurance contract in return for paying an undisputed portion of the claim.

Our attorneys know how to deal with bad faith insurance so you don’t have to.

If you are being subjected to bad faith tactics by your insurance company, trust one of our personal injury lawyers to promptly and effectively resolve your insurance disputes and bad faith claims. Dunnion Law has been holding insurance companies accountable for more than 40 years and can quickly quash any delay tactics, intimidation, and other types of bad faith.

Dealing with an insurance company or any large corporation can be frustrating. We take the burden off your shoulders by communicating directly with your insurance provider, reviewing contracts, and deciphering the fine print. Dedicated to protecting the rights of our California clients, we intervene in the claims process and seek large judgments on their behalf in court. 

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