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Slip and Fall

Individuals, companies, and local governments have a duty of care to ensure that their property is maintained in a safe condition and does not cause harm to people who access their premises. For example, homeowners, landlords, storeowners, etc. can be faulted for failing to fence or seal off a swimming pool, have a safe diving board and accurate water depth markings, keep the floor free of water, fix potholes or dangerous breaks in the sidewalk or driveway, maintain adequate lighting, or provide obvious warning signs or cones. In a trip and fall incident, someone could get injured when their foot is caught, or comes up against a physical barrier, for example, an uneven sidewalk, loose carpeting or rickety stairs.

If you or a loved one experiences a slip and fall injury on someone else’s property, the owner or occupier of that property is responsible for the injuries to which they carelessly contributed. Because of someone else's negligence, you could lose time off work and incur medical bills as well as endure pain and suffering. Injured persons and their families are entitled to seek compensation from the individuals or organizations responsible for an accident that led to injury or death. This is true no matter if the slip and fall injuries occurred at the mall, the grocery store, a neighbor's house, the post office, at work, or at school.

Our slip and fall injury attorneys are committed to defending your rights.

If you face serious injuries or tragic loss from a premises liability accident, our slip and fall lawyers are invested in pursuing the negligent property owner to ensure that you and your loved ones receive maximum compensation. With a dedicated legal team, we are experienced in handling cases ranging from malfunctioning elevators to falling merchandise to swimming pool accidents. While no amount of monetary damages can make up for an accident, Dunnion Law wants to help you overcome the immediate and future financial difficulties resulting from someone else’s fault.

Our diligent and thorough investigation involves working with accident reconstruction engineers to establish how the accident occurred. We also look after completing the necessary forms, seeking the best medical treatment for your injuries, and dealing directly with insurance companies.  

We are experienced enough to recognize and refuse delay tactics or token offers from insurance companies as we only demand full and speedy compensation for you. With Dunnion Law, you will find seasoned, dedicated, and caring professionals who are ready and able to utilize top-notch resources for your case.

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