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About Dunnion Law

We believe that injuries big and small can have an enormous impact on people’s lives, and understand that getting back on track can be an overwhelming challenge. At Dunnion Law, we pride ourselves on taking those legal challenges head on, and getting you the resources you need so you are ready and prepared for the next step of your life.

While we have represented thousands of injured Californians, our team of compassionate personal injury attorneys never treat you like a number. We know your story is unlike any other, and that your injuries and circumstances are unique. Our approach is to prepare our legal case and strategy designed specifically around you. We tell the story of you - your experiences, your challenges and your future.

We are passionate about fighting for justice for injured Californians. Since our founding more than 45 years ago we have held countless trucking, insurance, utility and other major companies financially responsible for the harm caused to our clients. In the process, we have compelled changes to their procedures and operations, improving the safety of other Californians.

Dunnion Law practices personal injury exclusively meaning we represent only those cases where your injuries are the result of the negligent or reckless acts of others. We aggressively pursue the best possible outcome, working on a contingency-fee basis which means you don’t pay unless we win your case.

Our Mission

We believe that the physical and emotional trauma that accompanies an incident - auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle collision or other event - has an enormous impact on your life.

At best, personal injuries distract you from what’s really important to you. At worst, they steal your independence, diminish your control over your future, and adversely affect your relationships with friends and family.

Our mission is to help you get your life back on track physically, emotionally, and financially. We accomplish this by:

  • helping you get the medical care you need for your physical recovery
  • shouldering the burden of the entire process so you have the emotional freedom to focus on what’s important to you, and
  • holding the responsible party financially accountable for what they have taken from you.

Our Services

Working Exclusively in Personal Injury

Unfortunately, having an experienced personal injury attorney can often be the only way to get fair treatment from the insurance companies. In a perfect world, the services of a personal injury attorney would be unnecessary, and insurance companies would provide customers with the fair and equitable compensation they deserve.

Each of our personal injury attorneys is highly skilled in navigating the processes, and challenging the tactics that insurance companies use to limit their payout to you, including the cost of care related to your recovery. We can help get you the healthcare and treatment you need while your case is underway. Too often, we see individuals who have settled too early without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, receive compensation far less than what their injuries deserved. Our stance with insurance companies is relentless. We are prepared to fearlessly pursue what is fair in your case, and achieve a top-dollar settlement for you.

"This review is for my aunt and her business with The Dunnion Law Firm.  My case lasted three years and the firm was nothing but helpful. They were always available to answer my questions and always available to explain everything in detail. I have nothing but positive things to say about them and would refer The Dunnion Law Firm to anyone who needed legal assistance. Thank you for all your help." - Andrea G. Alvarado