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Pedestrian Accidents

With congested city areas and roads bogged down by heavy traffic, pedestrian accidents are an all-too common occurrence throughout the state. This, however, is not just a local issue - it is an issue that has surfaced throughout the nation. Due to the vulnerable nature of pedestrians, these types of accidents can lead to devastating and catastrophic injuries ranging from broken bones to spinal injuries to even brain damage. In severe cases, pedestrian accidents can result in death.

We manage the legal complexities to ease your burdens.

If you have recently been involved in a pedestrian accident, you deserve just compensation. At Dunnion Law, we know the stress associated with these types of injuries and are equipped to provide you with the legal representation they need to move forward with a claim or lawsuit. Our experienced and skilled attorneys understand the intricate nature of pedestrian accident cases and will do everything they can to protect clients as they seek maximum compensation for their pain and suffering.

Our team is committed to helping you and your family move forward after a pedestrian accident and with our expert legal guidance, you can actively pursue the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled. We thoroughly investigate the accident, gather all crucial facts and eye-witness reports, complete and file the necessary forms, and coordinate any medical or rehabilitative treatment that you require. It is our mission to look after you so that you can look after yourself or your loved one. 

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