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Sargis G. Atanous


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"Sargis fought hard for me. My daughter was wrongfully found to be at fault for the accident, but that didn't stop him. He kept fighting for me, and eventually, got me a very, very large settlement!"
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I started my legal career in 1995 working for insurance companies representing corporations and their employees who had hurt victims in accidents. I learned early on that all the insurance companies truly care about is avoiding and delaying the payment of compensation to injured victims. I saw firsthand how insurance companies would rather pay their own defense attorneys than the person injured. I knew it was wrong and changed my career to represent those victims. For over 20 years I have been able to get compensation for people from all walks of life who didn't have the means or knowledge to battle insurance companies.

In the David versus Goliath battleground that is personal injury law, I love going to court and standing up for the Davids of the world. I love to take depositions and hold the other party accountable to the truth. It is incredibly rewarding when an insurance company pays my client what they deserve after I win their case for them.

I am married, with two sons, and enjoy tennis, family time and the occasional round of golf. In fact, during my youth, I was a former champion junior golfer, winning tournaments in Southern California. As an avid musician, I’ve also led bands and recorded albums as both a bassist and drummer. Now, I concentrate on jazz drumming as I am both a jazz music aficionado and vintage drum collector.




  • B.A., Law & Society, University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Juris Doctor, W.S.U. College of Law, Fullerton, CA