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Travis Alexander

Case Manager

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Dunnion Law really fought for me and my family...They were in touch constantly and gave me wise advice. I'm so thankful for Travis and Jennifer at Dunnion Law, two of the most caring, sincere people I've ever known.
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My journey to personal injury law began with an internship at the Public Defender's office. While there, I quickly learned the deck was stacked against indigent criminal defendants who were fighting against the virtually unlimited resources of the state. Even when the accused were found not guilty, they had no recourse to recover for the costs and impact of the ordeal. After law school, I discovered how accident victims face a similarly uneven playing field in which injured parties must fight against the unlimited resources of multi-billion dollar insurance companies. Every day I have the opportunity to make a difference in our clients’ lives by bringing them the resources they need to prevail.

Some insurance companies look just briefly at the generic value of a diagnosis and present this number to clients as fair compensation for their injuries. I find satisfaction in learning exactly how these injuries occurred, and in gathering the details of the accident and injuries so we can articulate to insurance adjusters the real-life consequences that our clients face as a result of their injuries. For us, a client is not a claim number, but an actual person that had to undergo a traumatic experience. I love helping clients receive the compensation they truly deserve and otherwise would not receive without a level playing field.

Outside of my work I am a co-owner of California’s first and only cooperatively owned brewery, operating out of the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area. I formerly worked as a chef in San Diego as well as owning a small music production company. All of my life I have had a passion for helping the underserved. In high school I spent time doing community service in Fort Apache in Arizona, and founded the Tawi Tawi water project to bring very low cost clean drinking water to indigenous peoples in impoverished regions of the Philippines during my undergrad at SDSU. I have spent time working for Green Peace, volunteering as a mediator for small claims court in San Diego through the NCRC, and with the Public Defender’s office in Santa Clara. It makes me happy to get out of bed every day knowing that I have the opportunity to learn something new and help people who need me.


  • B.A., International Security and Conflict Resolution, Environment & Security/Conflict & Conflict Resolution, San Diego State University
  • Juris Doctor, San Francisco Law School
  • Certificate of Mediation Training, National Conflict Resolution Center, Rimini, Italy