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Seaside Jun 10, 2021
Positives: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I contacted Dunnion Law because the other party's claim adjuster was not very nice and was badgering me nonstop. I'm so very pleased I called them. My lawyer explained the entire process to me in person, answered all my questions and put me at ease with my decision to choose them to represent me. They did all the heavy lifting and all I had to do was just focus on my treatment and getting back to being healthy. Dunnion Law was easy to get a hold of throughout the entire process and I always felt like I was their top priority. They fought for me and got me the best settlement possible. God forbid if a situation like this happens to me again, at least I know the best people to call to get the job done. Thank you so very much and keep on fighting for clients like myself.
Tulare Jun 10, 2021
It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Dunnion Law, specifically Bridget Dunnion and Annamarie. We used these services due to the circumstances of my husband's car accident back in March of 2020. For the last year, working with Bridget and Annamarie has been nothing but pleasant! We have been completely satisfied with their performance and hard work. Both Bridget and Annamarie have had open communication with us along the way, keeping us updated, informed, and answering any question or concerns we've had. We can speak only highly of them both and the law firm. We are happy to recommend Dunnion Law without a doubt! We appreciate their services and dedication.
Vallejo May 26, 2021
Amazing service!!! I was a passenger in a car that collided with another vehicle. Within two days, I contacted Dunnion and they sent someone to my home (pre-Covid of course) to check on my well-being that afternoon. Following that initial conversation, I was contacted by Denis Delja. Denis and his staff were vigilant and attentive to my needs and well-being. They were prompt in their responses to my inquiries, patiently addressed all of my concerns, and they were always upfront and crystal clear about the process and my options. They took their time and ensured that I received the best outcome under my circumstances, which exceeded my expectations. I wish I could give them 10 stars but 5 will have to do. I will definitely recommend them to anyone in need of such services.
Fresno May 19, 2021
Me ayudaron resolver mi caso y el equipo de Travis me ayudo. Estoy muy feliz con mi resultados.
San Jose May 18, 2021
Nice people that care. Even though I didn't get signed up with them, they were cool.
San Jose May 14, 2021
Samer Aboutalib at Dunnion Law is an excellent lawyer with spot-on legal knowledge and advice. The receptionists are courteous and responsive. I wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone to this firm.
Coalinga May 12, 2021
I had Bridget and Annamarie help me through my case and they have made my life so much better. I have never been in an accident like this one. I was so scared and lost that these two ladies took me in and handled everything for me. I wouldn't want anyone else to handle my case ever. Thank you ladies for being there for me. I owe my life to you.
Monterey May 6, 2021
These people took such excellent care of me. Bridget Dunnion along with Annamarie took ALL of the worry away and (put this case) behind me quicker than I would have ever imagined. Thanks Ladies!
San Jose Apr 23, 2021
Dunnion Law is the BEST out there!! Let me be more specific. Mr. Sargis G. Atanous, has not only helped me through one of the most stressful situations I've ever been in. But throughout the entire process he has called me personally, just to check up on me and to see how I was healing from my accident. Let me tell you he genuinely cares and that's super important to me in times like this, because you can never really know what to do or where to turn when something like this happens to you. But from the moment I signed my papers and Mr. Atanous represented me, I literally slept at ease. No more harassing phone calls from insurance people. He was very upfront and honest about my situation and he also took a lot off my plate at a time when I really couldn't even think. It has been nothing but a pleasure having Sargis G. Atanous represent me. I hope this review helps someone who needs it. Best of luck and God Bless ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
Fresno Apr 5, 2021
Glenda de Guzman and staff are absolutely phenomenal. I am so glad I made the choice to call Dunnion Law. The settlement is more than I could have hoped for and the level of care in which she handled my case was truly amazing. I was always kept in the loop on [everything]. She and her staff are good at what they do and I believe she is so good because she cares and believes in what she does. I definitely would recommend them to anyone seeking immediate help with their situation.
Fresno Apr 3, 2021
The year was 2017. Dad and I were in a car accident with a semi-truck and I immediately called Dunnion Law. This was the best thing that I ever did because the customer service that Dad and I received from our Attorney Glenda de Guzman was the best. Now I would like to talk about the Legal Assistant to Glenda de Guzman her name is Jennifer. She always kept me informed about my case. All I had to do was call Dunnion Law if I had any questions about my case or any insurance questions. Jennifer was the go-to person for these questions because if she didn't have the answer to my question she would find the answer; but, she usually had the answer when it came to dealing with the insurance companies. Jennifer was on top of things. Now I want to talk about my dad he is a World War II Veteran. Dad passed away January 8, 2021 and my Attorney Glenda de Guzman and Legal Assistant Jennifer sent flowers and they even called me to see how I was doing and I don't know of any other law firm that does this. Dunnion Law cares so please if you are a veteran and you need legal help, call them at 800-386-6466. Thank You.
Fresno Apr 1, 2021
Attorney Glenda Guzman at Dunnion Law made my legal process very pleasant. She and her assistant Paige were always very professional and thoughtful. But even more important they were KIND throughout the whole process. My injuries caused me a lot of pain and suffering, and it was always nice to hear an understanding voice on the phone. Honest, and no B.S. Dunnion Law worked hard for me $$$$ Thank You!
San Jose Mar 26, 2021
Last year I got hit by a vehicle while walking across the crosswalk with the right of way. Believe me, I was shocked confused and frightened. [I have] never been in an accident in my life, let alone when walking. It could have been worse. The doctors in emergency told me, "believe me by tomorrow you will feel like you've been hit by a train," and I did. [I had] never felt so much pain in my life. The hit fractured my ribs. Now please note, I'm a fifty-seven-year-old female so I knew I had a case. I've always heard about Dunnion Law, saw them in commercials ... So I called them of course, they were my first choice. Friends and family tried to call their lawyers they knew about, but I had already made up my mind. And nobody was going to change my mind. Besides I'm the one that got hit by the vehicle, right? So, they heard my case and took it. Great service, very helpful, always genuinely cared - my experience with Dunnion Law was incredibly impressive. They handled my case in a professional matter at all times. I would highly recommend Samer Aboutalib and Lizette. They are the best, you will be in good hands. Thank you.
Monterey Mar 26, 2021
I would love to give ten stars if I could, these guys are the best all around. Hard-working, very professional and efficient. I'm so glad I went with Dunnion. Everything I expected and more! Thank you!
San Jose Mar 24, 2021
Great service. Very helpful, always genuinely cared. My experience with Dunnion Law was incredibly impressive; they handled my case in a professional manner at all times and I would highly recommend. Samer Aboutalib and his secretary Lizette were the best people and always eager to help with any concerns or questions! Dunnion Law. P.S. I knew I was in good hands.
Monterey Mar 19, 2021
I called to discuss an injury issue. I wanted to know if it was "a mountain or a mole hill". It was a mole hill, but I appreciate the straightforward explanation.
Monterey Mar 12, 2021
After getting into a car accident, I really didn't know what the next steps were to ensuring everything was handled fairly. I reached out to Dunnion Law and my case was assigned to Samer Aboutalib. Samer and his assistant Lizette led me through the entire process and were professional and patient throughout. They kept me up to date in terms of what was currently happening and what was happening next. They never made me feel unintelligent or bothersome while I asked a million questions. I hope I never find myself in a situation like this again. If I do, I will definitely be reaching out to this team again.
Lindsay Mar 11, 2021
I was the victim of a hit-and-run auto accident. I contacted Dunnion Law for consultation. I spoke to Sargis regarding my injuries and he went to work on my case immediately. Both Sargis and Kimberly walked me through the legal process and explained the process step by step. They kept me informed on a REGULAR basis. They walked me through my responsibility and explained everything so I would totally understand. They are always available for any questions or concerns immediately. My case is settled and I couldn't be more happy. I will recommend Dunnion Law to all my friends and family. They are the REAL Deal when it comes to legal action. My hat is off to Sargis and Kimberly along with their entire group.
San Jose Mar 2, 2021
I would highly recommend Dunnion Law for their knowledge, integrity and patience. I received a free consultation which was very valuable to me. I spoke with Denis who was patient, kind and explained my options clearly, which enabled me to make wise decisions.
Fremont Mar 2, 2021
My husband was in a bad accident and was almost killed. Glenda DeGuzman and her staff, Jennifer and Paige, did an OUTSTANDING job in getting us a large settlement. If you are in need of a good law firm, I definitely would recommend Dunnion Law. They are a 5-star firm!
Monterey Feb 18, 2021
I would highly recommend Glenda de Guzman and her staff Jennifer and Paige. Never having been in an accident like this before, I was lost and worried. After trips to the doctors my mailbox was filled with letters from insurance people, towing and storage [companies] and lots of bills. Glenda explained everything to me. Jennifer and Page did all the paperwork, paid every bill and kept me updated every step along the way. Glenda got me a settlement - and along with her staff - peace of mind!
Monterey Feb 18, 2021
Me gustaría recomendar encarecidamente a Glenda de Guzmán y su equipo Jennifer y Paige. Sin haber tenido un accidente como éste anteriormente, en un principio me sentí realmente perdido y preocupado después de ir a las visitas médicas, de ver mi buzón de correo lleno de cartas del personal de seguros, de lidiar con remolcar y almacenar el carro y de resolver las muchas facturas que me llegaban. Glenda me explicó todo y Jennifer y Page hicieron lo posible para manejar el proceso de una manera eficiente para tranquilizarme. Ellas se encargaron de pagar todas las facturas y me mantuvieron actualizado de cada paso en el camino. Glenda me consiguió un acuerdo y, junto con su personal, ¡una gran tranquilidad!
Monterey Jan 29, 2021
My brother and I had the greatest experience working with Bridget Dunnion of Dunnion Law. She's a sweet knowledgeable lady who works her stuff. I would hire her and Dunnion Law any time, and I will if another incident occurs. Thank you soooooo much Bridget.
Fresno Jan 24, 2021
Mr. Atanous and his team were proactive and creative in his handling of my personal injury case against an inattentive small-truck driver who backed down the length of a side street and struck me whilst I was crossing a street in the mobile home community where I live. I had multiple fractures to my right shoulder, arm and wrist, resulting in permanently impaired use of my right hand, wrist and arm. The driver was uncooperative, belligerent and threatening when my caregiver later asked him for his insurance information. Despite a police report 100% in my favor, the defendant's insurance company refused to admit responsibility and guilt, and the case dragged on for two years despite Mr. Atanous' many attempts to persuade them to settle. My belief is that they were just waiting for me to die. Didn't happen. Throughout the process, Mr. Atanous and his team remained patient, thorough and focused. When the defendant was finally deposed by Mr. Atanous, his answers were full of animosity and contradictions. The driver didn't have much insurance, but my attorney was skillful in exposing the defendant's contradictions and biases, and opposing counsel agreed to settle for the maximum amount. Mr. Atanous is a sensitive and loyal fighter for his client's rights; [he is] an attorney with a big heart, who is truly committed to his client's cause.
Fresno Jan 19, 2021
I would like to thank Glenda and Jennifer for their help. They both helped me with another case and I recommend them both. [They] always keep you updated. Not to mention they are awesome! 5 stars to the both of them!! Thank you ladies for all that you do!

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