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CA Aug 29, 2017

" Not only did they keep me up to date but Denis went out of his way to help me and make my case! "

Felton Aug 23, 2017
"Travis Alexander, at Dunnion Law firm, was by far the best lawyer I've ever come across!!
He made me feel comfortable from the start. I was scared, injured, and not able to drive. The Dunnion Law Firm did all my paperwork from my home so I could keep comfortable and safe. They selected Travis Alexander for me to get the job done! And he was remarkable. He wasn't judgmental, rude or unprofessional!! I highly recommend The Dunnion Law Firm."
Fresno Aug 7, 2017
"I chose the Dunnion Law Firm to handle my case. They were very professional and treated me like family. I would definitely recommend them."
San Jose Jun 29, 2017
"Jake helped my husband with his case recently. He was at fault and it didn't look too good for us to even get any help but within a few months, Jake was able to get my husband a nice settlement fast! They are very friendly and helpful; they made this bad experience turn good in the end and my husband is very satisfied with what he is receiving from this case. Highly recommend anybody to come to The Dunnion Law Firm. They treated us very good and helped us out fast. Jake really knows how to do his job. Thank you guys!"
Madera, CA Jun 29, 2017
Glenda was an absolute pit bull when it came to dealing with the insurance company and she made sure I got the settlement I deserve.
Monterey Jun 26, 2017
"I really appreciated the Dunnion Law Firm through this whole process. My attorney Sargis and his staff member Linda were incredible through the whole process. They had someone meet with me in Fresno to get the initial paperwork started. They made sure I understood everything and made it an easy process for me. I work 9-6 Monday-Friday so they were great about working around my schedule. Sargis and Linda both separately took time out of their personal schedules on a Saturday to meet with me when I drove in from out of town to meet them in Monterey (I wanted to meet them in person and review the paperwork) the whole settlement came to a close much faster than I thought it would but a little longer than they made it seem like it would take lol but that's okay :) If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, this is the way to go."
San Francisco Jun 21, 2017
"About a year ago I had a serious accident and I have seen Dunnion's TV commercial and I was hesitant to call, And I am so glad that I called. They had helped me from start to finish and Dunnion Law Firm made it so easy. I will recommend this firm to people who are in need. Once again thank you Dunnion Law Firm and to the people who worked hard to get things done."
San Jose Jun 16, 2017
"Had a horrible accident just about 2 1/2 years ago, got hit by a semi truck, NO FUN!! Contacted the Dunnion Law Firm and had nothing but great service from there on! I got Sargis Atanous as my attorney and he was great!! I dealt a lot with his secretary Linda and she was great too! She helped me and was always available when I needed her or had any questions. Here we are all settled and done with! My case was handled very professionally! If anyone ever needed a injury lawyer, I'd highly recommend the Dunnion Law Firm!"
Monterey Jun 12, 2017
"My fiance had Sargis Atanous as her lawyer from the Dunnion Law Firm and it was nothing but great. Over the past 2 1/2 years, Sargis and his secretary Linda have been very helpful throughout this whole process and we couldn't have asked for a better experience."
CA Jun 12, 2017
Very positive experience. I never had to worry about anything... Thank you, Bridget and Julia for all your help.
Santa Monica May 19, 2017
"I didn't want to call a lawyer. There is such a high stigma revolving around "sue them" when someone gets in an accident. I wasn't going to do anything after my accident. It wasn't until I had to go to the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion from my rear ended accident on the freeway and I had a hard time moving my back. I called the Dunnion Law Firm since I knew someone that had highly recommended them. I remember talking to many people throughout my case and never once did I feel like " just a client". They heard me out, they listened, they didn't pressure me to do anything, and did their best to find help for me. There was many additional traumatizing things that happened to me after the accident but Dunnion was behind me. I felt like every time I "wondered what was going on with the case" I would get a call a couple days later. They worked with getting doctor's paid, therapist paid, chiropractor paid, and most of all made sure I was okay. At one point my lawyer did change and I remember feeling like " Oh no, its going to take longer". But the main person I was speaking to, Travis, said that he would stay with me since " He knows the most of my case and wanted to finish it all out". I feel like any other firm would just handed me down a line and briefed the other person. I was relieved that didn't happen and I still speak to someone I know. There were times where I would feel the stigma and express this to Travis and the team. They reassured me and reminded me my main purpose was to heal. They wanted me to get close to the point of healed as before the accident. I am grateful to Travis and the Dunnion team for being behind me in this traumatizing accident. I highly recommend."
Fresno May 15, 2017
"When my mother was involved in an injury accident through no fault of her own, we decided to call The Dunnion Law Firm. Best decision we ever made. Attorney Jake Fathy and his assistant Maria Mahomar were amazing. Their first and foremost concern was my mother's health and her recovery. All of our concerns were addressed and taken care of. We were treated like family! I highly recommend that if anyone needs legal representation due to a vehicle injury accident, they give them a call!"
San Jose Apr 25, 2017
"I was in a car accident back in October 2016. Since then, they helped me every step of the way. Thank you guys much appreciated. Was awesome how they cared and great advice. I would recommend anybody to them."
San Jose Apr 24, 2017
"When I was 13 years old, I was attacked in the face by a pitbull. Mr.Dunnion handled my case and got me and my family the compensation we deserved. I thank him and am grateful to have met such a wonderful guy."
San Jose Apr 11, 2017
"My name and husband's name are Carol and Mark M. Some time ago, I slipped and fell in a puddle of water which was on the concrete floor in the produce section of a grocery chain where I was shopping in Fresno, CA. After x-rays at our medical provider confirmed a right tibial fracture I was operated on and several plates and screws were used to repair the fracture. Since the grocery store denied any responsibility for my fall, Mark called the Dunnion Law Firm and spoke with Connell Dunnion, Esq. about the situation. Mr. Dunnion agreed to represent me. An experienced attorney was assigned my case and the battle was on to hold the grocery chain accountable for my injury, medical bills, and recuperation. Throughout the process of investigation and legal sparring which took place between our attorney and the grocery chain's representatives, we found the Dunnion Law Firm staff to be there for us in all respects. The outcome of our case was a significant out of court settlement and a substantial reduction of accumulated medical bills. Our attorney fought the good fight and refused to give up on a difficult case. Thank you, Mr. Dunnion for representing us and holding those who showed callus indifference to a senior citizen's injury, at their fault, to task."
San Jose Apr 11, 2017
"I would like to think the Dunnion Law Firm and Travis for handling my case. I was in a bad car accident in December and didn't know where to turn. Dunnion Law Firm was there for me, handled my case quickly and easily. Thanks again you guys helped me out a lot."
Fresno Apr 10, 2017
"Called Dunnion for help with my case, spoke with him and I am so happy to find a respectful law firm who is willing to take my case and help me till the end. I am just starting out with my accident law suit. But by talking with him, I am so relieved and hopeful for outcome. Thank you for taking the time to offer so much support."
Fresno Apr 10, 2017
"My mom was hit by a retired sheriff and was hurt. We hired a first lawyer who didn't help and just wanted to settle. After a year we hired The Dunnion Law Firm. Attorney Sargis fought for my mom and also brought a claim for my dad. They settled the case for more than 3X what the prior lawyer wanted. I definitely recommend The Dunnion Law Firm if you have a car accident, especially attorney Sargis who will fight for you."
Fresno Apr 3, 2017
"Dunnion Law Firm was the best decision I made. My son and I were in a car accident and they did an awesome job fighting for us till the end and taking the stress of the insurance companies off my shoulders so I could concentrate on my son and myself. I can't thank you guys enough. My attorney was amazing!"
Monterey Mar 27, 2017
These guys are awesome! After my car accident, I called them because I had used them years ago for my son. They answered all my questions and kept me updated all the way. I would use them again if I ever needed to!"
San Jose Mar 20, 2017
"My husband and I were in a car accident. We found ourselves overwhelmed caught between insurance companies all wanting quick signatures from us. We called Dunnion Law Firm and Glenda de Guzman, one of the Dunnion Law Firms attorneys came to our home that day we called. She was quick to point out some flaws in a couple of of insurance policies. It turns out our case has been very complicated. Although very complicated, Glenda and the Dunnion Law Firm represented us very well and settled our case in a very positive outcome for us."
San Jose Mar 20, 2017
"The Dunnion Law Firm did an amazing job with handling my case, and I want to thank everyone who worked on it! After my car accident, my mom had given me the number for the firm. She got the number while she was watching TV one day. Thank goodness she did because it was the best phone call that I could make. I know I've said thank you, but thank you all again! I would definitely recommend the Dunnion to anyone."
Monterey Mar 17, 2017
"A while back I was in accident and did not know where to begin the process with insurance companies. I had no idea what to say or how to advocate for myself. Luckily, I found the Dunnion Law Firm and a group of compassionate people who were eager to take the stress off my shoulders. They took care of everything for me, including my medical bills. I'm particularly thankful for attorneys Bridget and Julia for helping me through everything. They believe no one should have to go through this alone and were always there with advice and readily available to help me with any questions I had. I felt like their only client and turned a terrible experience into something manageable. I don't know what I would have done without their help."
San Jose Mar 15, 2017
"I would like to thank Glenda de Guzman and her team. They did a great job in settling my case. They all went out of there way to make sure things were done right and on time. I would recommend them for your accident. They are all so nice. Thanks again Glenda, Liz and Meghan."
San Jose Mar 8, 2017
"Thanks you so much for all the help. We never know when something is going to happen or who to turn to. My granddaughter and I were in a bad accident. She was going to need continuous medical care. The insurance agent advised us to get a lawyer to help with the medical cost. We contacted the Dunnion Law Firm and paired with Glenda who showed us compassion, caring and directed us in the path that would benefit my granddaughter for life. It was more than just about the settlement. We were blessed to have someone fight for her and my family. To this day they check in or I with them regarding her care. You don't always know; the turnout for us was above and beyond what we could have imagined. I would recommend them. We had a positive outcome. Thank you for all you've done."

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